We are an art collective of two female artists from Latinx backgrounds whose work is inspired by artists of different backgrounds such as race, gender and nationality, who have noticed the lack of inclusivity in the art world.
Although our education and art classes have provided us with the opportunity to meet with different people from all over the world, the number of leadership positions held  by women, BIPOC, and other marginalized groups within the “art world” is very low.
We believe that instead of making art targeted to the current industry or to have to wait to make it into this market, we should create OUR OWN art space, that promotes inclusivity and creativity, and we want YOU to be part of it!

We are dedicated to not only featuring diverse artists and storytellers, but giving them an equal share of our profits, and giving them full agency over how they are represented in our media through interviews, writing, and discussion.
What is your biggest goal for Art + Type?
For now, our biggest goal is to release our first issue, since it has been many months in the making and will take many more. In the long run we hope to continue expanding our community and to reach and create more opportunities for different artists around the world.
What was your inspiration to start this?
Both of us are art students ourselves, and we have noticed a discrepancy in the representation in the “art world” (museums, galleries, and other institutions) and the art classroom environment. As art students we wanted to create a platform that allows for more people to be represented, they can be students like us, or from any walk of life or stage in their career, from any medium, background, or identity. 
How often will your publication be released?
For our first issue, we plan to take as much time as we need to to make it perfect, but we hope to be able to release it during January or February of 2021. Given our status as full-time students and our work schedules, we will probably be able to release issues two to three times per year, but we have many plans for Art + Type events and other ways to get involved on our digital platform!
Will the magazine be printed or strictly digital?
We plan to make the magazine available in both print and digital formats, due to the incredibly diverse number of submissions and followers who come from all over the world. We do not want shipping to be a barrier for people who want to read, but we will make print copies available to U.S. readers. 
Do you accept __________ medium?
We accept all forms of visual art and short-form writing! Do not hesitate to submit, even if your form of art-making seems unconventional, we want to see it!
Are only women able to submit?
No, we accept submissions from all genders. While we do want to emphasize that we are a magazine run by women and we specifically want to see more representation of women and genderqueer folks in art, we welcome entries from all genders. 

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