The recording from our first ever panel event, hosted with Kickback Shows:

A panel discussion on the world of zines and magazines, digital and print. From design to printing, 9 zines and indie mags share their process and inspiration. 

Hosted by Kickback and Art and Type Magazine, with several panelists including Noise Art Magazine, Oral Rinse Zine, SPEW Zine, Stuck in Notes, Color Club NYC, All My Friends Zine, and Team Mag.

Zine Documentary:

Zines: The Power of DIY Print via Belinda Cai on YouTube

DIY Tutorials:

"How to make a zine" by a guide by The Creative Independent

How to Make a Zine! | With Template + Printing Instructions. Via enchantedquill on YouTube. (This video uses the iPad and Procreate App method.)

How to Make a ZINE in 24 Hours | riso + screenprinting. Via Kel Betler on YouTube. (Risoprinting method)

Printing Companies:
Zine Archives:
InDesign Tutorials:

Create A Zine At Home! | Adobe InDesign How To. A YouTube video via mkhanabusa - what it takes.

How To Design A Photo Zine In Indesign. A YouTube video via Nick Exposed.

Placing and Formatting Text in Adobe InDesign. A YouTube video via Good Creative Academy.

Setting Bleed and Margins for Print in Adobe InDesign. A YouTube Video via The Marsid M&M Group.

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